Incidence of Prostate Cancer

Incidences of different cancers in men

Prostate cancer accounts for 20% of all new cancer cases amongst US men at approximately 174,650 new men diagnosed each year, with prostate cancer alone accounting for nearly 1 in 5 new cancer diagnoses. It is estimated that 31,620 men suffer prostate cancer related death in 2019, which is the highest cancer related death after lung, pancreas and colon & rectum. The inequality for prostate cancer mortality was largely confined to African American men, even after accounting for Hispanic ethnicity among Caucasian Americans. There is a stronger association between lower socioeconomic status and prostate cancer mortality among African Americans.

However, for all stages combined, 5‐year relative survival rate was highest for prostate cancer (98%) amongst all cancers diagnosed during 2008 through 2014. Therefore, effective screening and early diagnosis of prostate cancer can improve patient outcomes.

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