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Learn Radiology Prostate is a self-paced interactive learning tool curated by experts in prostate radiology and digital imaging.



Prostate cancer accounts for 20% of all new cancer cases amongst US men at approximately 174,650 new men diagnosed each year.

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mpMRI imaging is highly sensitive in the detection of prostate cancer compared to any individual sequence. It combines T2WI, DWI, & DCE MRI.

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The introduction of the PI-RADS v2 classification for prostate MRI in 2012 lead to a more standardized acquisition, interpretation and reporting of prostate MRI.

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Normal Anatomy

Explore normal prostate anatomy with our interactive module featuring mpMRI data and 3D models.

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Case Studies

Explore 20 cases with full mpMRI datasets and a range of conditions such as anterior cancers, prostatitis, BPH, seminal vesicle invasion, and more. Each pathological case includes Gleason Scores and PI-RADS classifaction. Assess your new knowledge with quizzes curated for each case.

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Full suite of mpMRI sequences, such as T2-weighted, DCE, ADC, DWI, plus histology
Toggleable annotations in the MRI viewer to show selected ROIs for each case
Clinical background information and findings
Expert interpretation and teaching points, including PI-RADS and Gleason scoring
Fully functional PACS interface with scrolling, measuring, contrast, full-screen, and more
Quizzes to assess learning and progress


Learn Radiology: Prostate was born out of a desire to better train radiology residents and clinicians to recognize prostate pathology and address the epidemic of prostate related mortality and morbidity rates.